Saturday, 23 March 2013

Does Stephen Harper Work for an American Underground Movement Preparing Canada as Some Sick American Plan

You might wonder!  It begins with the basic erosion of values and responsibilities. Too many are missing from the expounded conservatism of Harper's government.

Fair play is a Canadian value as is respect for native people's and their values.

The elimination of CIDA is an ugly side of Harper's government which seems to want the end to democracy.  Sure it expounds such values, but its actions are downright autocratic and irresponsible. The buck is worshiped as the highest value in Harper 's scheming!

Pollution is not an intrinsic Canadian value, but it is creeping pollution that seeps from Harper's conservatism!

Creeping conservative side Americanization of Canada.  There's little Canadian about Harper's government policies. Who funds the Conservative party these days? I see the worst of values upheld as norms. What has gone wrong?

If it's not a conspiracy of the American right it has to be outright stupidity.  Is this a preparation to install American conservative values in Canada? What a shame!

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